Date Squares

In August, I became a citizen of the USA. It seems oddly fitting that I’m doing a post today for a delicious sweet that’s proudly Canadian, the date square of … Continue reading Date Squares

Dairy Free Sourdough Pancakes

These pancakes are great for Easter brunch. Happy Easter, y’all! A friend of mine passed along her sourdough starter to me a little while ago, and now I’m hooked. Yes, … Continue reading Dairy Free Sourdough Pancakes

Tempeh Piccata

My sister-in-law’s grandson announced he’d become vegan on the drive back to her house from the airport. Needless to say, he is the only vegan in the family. She wanted … Continue reading Tempeh Piccata

A “Seattle” Pimento Cheese Spread

Pimento cheese is having a moment. Across the country I’m seeing it on menus, and recipes are popping up everywhere from the New York Times to A Taste of Home … Continue reading A “Seattle” Pimento Cheese Spread