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Lemon Squares

In my previous post I mentioned that we harvested somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 Meyer lemons from our tree a couple of weeks ago. One of my most favorite … Continue reading Lemon Squares

Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Comrade Cluck

For years I’ve avoided heavily marketed meat substitutes such as No Evil’s Comrade Cluck, a stand-in for chicken. Why do I have this bias? I guess because these products are … Continue reading Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Comrade Cluck

One Pot Farro

Farro is my favorite grain. It dates to the ancient world, appearing first in the fertile crescent and then spreading throughout the Mediterranean. The word “farro” is Italian and is … Continue reading One Pot Farro

Tempeh Piccata

My sister-in-law’s grandson announced he’d become vegan on the drive back to her house from the airport. Needless to say, he is the only vegan in the family. She wanted … Continue reading Tempeh Piccata