Art, Bread, Loneliness and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Today I’m thinking about the connections between art, bread, loneliness and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Sharing bread is the way through, out and around the desolation that fuels loneliness. I’m certain … Continue reading Art, Bread, Loneliness and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Cranberry Couronne

Couronne is French for “crown.” Bakeries feature this sweet bread all over France using different sweet or savory fillings. This cranberry couronne is a lovely holiday treat any time, but … Continue reading Cranberry Couronne

Date Squares

In August, I became a citizen of the USA. It seems oddly fitting that I’m doing a post today for a delicious sweet that’s proudly Canadian, the date square of … Continue reading Date Squares

Imperfect Bread

Bread has been on my mind lately, as regular readers may have gathered from recent posts. Baking my own is of course part of that preoccupation but so is the … Continue reading Imperfect Bread

Lemon Squares

In my previous post I mentioned that we harvested somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 Meyer lemons from our tree a couple of weeks ago. One of my most favorite … Continue reading Lemon Squares