RV Trip to Six Sigma Ranch

A great experience.

We spent a night at Six Sigma Ranch and Winery in Lower Lake, CA a couple of weeks ago. The ranch is located about 45 miles from Napa Valley. It’s worth a day trip just to visit the tasting room or attend one of their monthly paella dinners under the stars.

We found out about the ranch through the Harvest Hosts App, which allows RV trippers to book dry camping sites at wineries, golf courses and other places of interest. The day we spent at Six Sigma was magical. All they asked of us was to purchase something from their tasting room valued at $20 or more. That was easy! We enjoyed a cheese board lunch accompanied by a flight of their wines.

The best part of the trip for me was my morning walk with the dog. The ranch has over 38 miles of roads and multiple hiking trails. Although the ranch can host up to 11 campers, there were only three of us and we were far enough apart to hardly notice each other. Once the staff went home, we were on our own to settle in for a quiet night of star gazing. That’s right, the ranch is remote enough to have clear skies unaffected by light pollution. It was truly a respite from city life without having to go all into the wild about getting away.

Here’s a video from shortly after sunrise on September 28th, 2022.

There are cougars on the property, though they are rarely spotted except on the owner’s trail cameras.

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